Beauty Tips

The 20 Beauty Tips You Should Know:

  1. STOP! Touching your face with your dirty hands.
    Placing hands on your face will cause you to have the ugly red and raised creeps–ACNE!
  2. Hair Removal Commandments
    Men remember to shave in the direction of your facial hair no more than once over the same area. This will minimize ingrown hairs. Women! PLEASE, please wax that mustache; it’s not sexy, and even on a dark skin person, it is noticeable.
  3. Keep Your Eyebrows Groomed!
    Please invest in non-clear hair or eyebrow gel if you have unruly eyebrows. Each morning once you wash your face, get a Q-tip, scoop out a little hair gel, place on your eyebrows and go in the direction of your hair growth. Yes, even unruly eyebrows have a single direction at the roots. Both men and women should do this.
  4. Stop Being Ashy In a Week!
    We have to contend with DRY, FLAKY skin. Have you tried ORGANIC, REFINED Coconut Oil? It is great for dry skin. USAGE: Apply after you pat-dry your skin. You will be instantly moisturized, without feeling greasy. NOTE: For combination facial skin, only use a little on cheeks and temples.
  5. What NOT to do in the morning?
    Answer: Wash your face! Yes, I said it. Simply splash your face with water, pat dry, and apply moisturizer and go! This will minimize having dull, dry skin.
  6. Key To Good Looking Skin
    You guessed it; it’s WATER. WATER helps to remove toxins from your body, hydrates, improves alertness/minimizes fatigue and helps with memory. YOU DO THE MATH. How many glasses of water should you drink daily? Divide your body weight in half and divide by 8, which equals the number of 8 ounces. glasses you should drink. You may find that you need more or less than the typical eight (8) oz. glasses daily.
  7. Apply SUNSCREEN To Not Only Your Face, but also UNDER YOUR EYES.
    This will help minimize DARK CIRCLES under your eyes. In addition, when taking pictures the ingredients (i.e. Titanium Dioxide) in your sunscreen moisturizer will reflect light in pictures; thereby, making your eyes look brighter. SAY CHEESE!
  8. Are you OH-SO-KISSABLE?
    If you have chapped lips, chances are you are NOT OH-SO-KISSABLE! Here’s an inexpensive tip: grab a cotton face towel, dip it in warm water, press it on your lips and rub in a circular motion. The dead skin will slough off, AND!! notice how your lips look pinker. Lastly, look in the mirror and say, “NOW I’M OH-SO-KISSABLE.”
  9. DO NOT EXFOLIATE Away Your Attractiveness!
    Regardless of your skin type, please! STAY AWAY from off-the-shelf FACIAL exfoliants that contain LARGE/ROUGH grains and crystals in cleansers and masks. It will only help to widen pores, induce dark spots, cause oil break-outs or over dry the skin. AND! DO NOT EXFOLIATE more than ONCE A WEEK.
  10. Help COMBAT the ROCYIES (Acne) by following SIMPLE STEPS (i.e. CHANGING your PILLOW CASES more often).
    Yes, you wash your hair and change linens regularly, but on the days you DO NOT wash your hair, you are transferring DIRT and OIL to your PILLOW CASE. Now, imagine your attractive face wallowing in your pillow; thereby, creating the ROCYIES. Change that pillowcase!
  11. Do you STRIP TEASE in the mirror?
    If you said “NO,” you may want to CHANGE YOUR ANSWER. If you wear MAKE-UP and do not include a PRE-CLEANSE step, you ARE STRIPPING your face; thereby, over drying your face and leaving it covered in YUK (i.e. dirt/ make-up). Buy FACIAL WIPES, wipe-off the MAKE-UP and then CLEAN your face as usual. You will be HAPPY you did.
  12. The BANE of YOUR EXISTENCE: Ingrown Hairs!
    Many of us have tried to combat this; yet, it remains an issue. Short of having electrolysis, there are some things we CAN DO to try and keep the problem AT BAY. A few dermatologists I have seen say a GOOD ELECTRIC SHAVER will help, followed by WAXING.
  13. Cosmetic Ingredients that Can Harm You.
    Did you know that the US cosmetic industry is NOT well regulated? We allow cosmetic companies to include ingredients that can cause IRRITATION and even CANCER. Become a smarter consumer by reading the ingredients in your cosmetics. Some products to AVOID include carmine, sorbic acid, trimethyl siloxy silicate, paraffin, stearth and petroleum jelly.
  14. The EASIEST Tip You Can Do NOW!
    When you LACK TIME to get CUTE, put on a GREAT pair of tinted AVIATOR glasses. They should cover your entire eyes and some of your cheeks. Be sure your eyebrows are groomed; it will bring more attention to the glasses and not highlight that you’re NOT LOOKING your BEST. Celebs have an ARSENAL of GREAT sunglasses and so should you!
  15. Do you suffer from BACK ACNE aka BACKNE?
    Some common REASONS are NOT PROPERLY WASHING/EXFOLIATING the back and/or having LONG HAIR on the back. Get it right by using BACK BRUSHES and an ACNE BODY WASH. I prefer Murad’s Body Wash as it has acne-fighting ingredients (i.e. salicylic acid). This product also helps with discoloration.
  16. Combat Puffy Eyes?
    Minimize them with a bag of FROZEN PEAS–which will conform to your eye shape, TEA BAGS or CUCUMBERS. Note: The caffeine in tea helps shrink blood vessels. Be sure to AVOID Earl Grey tea, which can cause redness and itching.
  17. Getting Rid of ZITS!
    We all deal with it from time to time; ZITS can make or break you, as they are difficult to get rid of. Using aspirin, toothpaste, lemon juice and baking soda DOES NOT work. TRY zit creams with SALICYLIC ACID and VISINE to help minimize redness. Apply Visine first then the Salicylic Acid. And be sure to WEAR SPF 15/30 to ensure the acne does not worsen.
  18. Want the PRO make-up LOOK?
    A secret is the use of QUALITY BRUSHES, which is KEY to a FLAWLESS look. They should have a SNUG FIT between the hairs, ferrule (silver area) & stick. When testing for quality, bend the brushes & firmly tug on the hairs. If the hairs pull out, it’s of poor quality. According to Allure’s ’09 Best Beauty Buys Sonia Kashuk (at Target) is inexpensive & of good quality.
  19. GET RID OF IT! How LONG should you KEEP your make-up?
    Bacteria forms nearly anywhere including in your make-up. Keep Foundation=up to 1 yr., Compact Pwdr.=8 mos., Loose Pwdr.=up to 1 yr., Concealer=4to8 mos., Liq. Eye Shadow=up to 6 mos., Pwdr. Eye Shadow=up to 1 yr., MASCARA=3 mos., Lipstick=3 yrs., Gloss=up to 1 yr. Exceeding this timing could cause acne on your face.
  20. Beauty Tip of the Day: The “Surprised Look” is not Cute!
    Please tell me why so many women have PENCIL THIN eyebrows. It looks terrible. Looking surprised ALL DAY and NIGHT is NOT cute. If it is not natural, why choose to look unnatural? Ideal brows have the PERFECT beginning, middle (arch) and end. Try these steps: 1) Pay attention to the natural form of your eyebrow bone 2) Grab two pencils; one white, one the color of your brows (DO NOT USE BLACK) 3) Take the non-white pencil and place it at the side of your nose passed your eyebrow. (THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR BROW HAIR. 4) Take your white pencil and mark the BEGINNING 5) Take the non-white pencil again and create a vertical line starting at the edge of your iris. Now, mark this line with the white pencil. (THIS IS YOUR ARCH.) 6) Using your non-white pencil, create a diagonal line from the edge of your nose to the side of your eye. (THIS IS THE END). 7) Finally, take a brown pencil/powder that matches the color of your brows and fill in. NOTE: Your natural brow bone as you fill in your brows or 1 shade darker than your hair. Trick: If you use the white pencil to help you shape the edges of your brows. Hairs that are covered in white can be cleaned away. 8) Tweeze or wax hairs that do not fit within the natural shape of your brows. I love to tweeze, as it is more precise than waxing. 9) Gel the brows, if necessary.

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